Conceptual. Practical. Convivial.


We carefully conceive and design your building projects: chalets, roofing, décor, interior and exterior fittings. The only limit is your imagination. Be inspired by our woodworking activities and the development of your home.



Tree species used: Douglas / Larch / Spruce

Our woodworking endeavours : Renovation, construction, restoring old frameworks, building tailor-made frameworks, installing wood panelling.

“In France, we are experts at putting softwood to good use, traditionally used in our regions for building farmhouses and mountain chalets.”

We are masters of traditional framework cutting and installation techniques for all kinds of homes and buildings.

For example, we fit all our frameworks with the St Andrew’s cross (This is a wooden or metal cross that holds the timber frame together to prevent distortion).

At Alpix CDC, innovation is also part of our vision, we can build cabins from prefabricated modules, including the roofing. The innovative installation techniques are much quicker than conventional methods and still yield a high-quality structure.

Alpix CDC is fully aware of the need to maximise insulation in your home and therefore uses efficient, environmentally friendly materials for this purpose such as wood fibres.



Tree species used: Larch, Spruce, mainly Douglas Fir.

Our carpentry creations: Kitchens, Wooden Furniture, Walk-in Wardrobes, Patios, Balconies, Storage Units, Partition Walls, Weatherboarding

 Carpentry is one of the world’s oldest crafts that requires careful thought with cutting and working with wood, which in turn is one of the most attractive living materials.  At Alpix CDC, we love reworking and reusing old wooden frameworks, primarily because they are a great source of reusable material, but also as a way of respecting the natural environment: nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

And when it comes to carpentry, we strike a happy balance between traditional craft expertise and modern techniques.


Roof Building and Plumbing

Materials used: Copper, aluminium, zinc, roof shingles, steel sheets, tiles

Plumbing works: Standing seams, piping, valley and step flashing, roof flashing for chimneys, watertightness, simple roofing, double ventilated roofing

Alpix CDC has managed to surround itself with trained professionals to ensure that your roofing is high-quality, water-tight, strong, and stylish. In our team, we are lucky to have plumbers and roofers who are fully qualified, dynamic, experienced, and passionate about what they do. This means they can install plumbing and renovate or maintain existing buildings in keeping with traditional methods and modern national standards.

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