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Restoring and Building Cabins in the Mont-Blanc Region

Alpix CDC combines various crafts and skills to build and restore cabins and other homes made of wood. Based in Passy, Haute-Savoie, we also build and restore roofs and work with wood in all forms for both indoor and outdoor spaces in your home.

We take special care over the tree species selected for our wood and rely on the expertise, vision, and know-how of our specialists to ensure that we work in keeping with nature and the natural cycle of our materials.

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Our Business

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There is a page dedicated to each of our activities that you can view to see what we undertake.

Our Activities
Our Specialisation

Construction and restoration are at the heart of our trade

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Whether you want a new cabin built or an old farmhouse restored, Alpix CDC will help and advise you throughout your project.

In our trade, you get what you see: carpentry, frameworks, plumbing; but also what you don’t see: waterproofing, roofing layers and insulation. This synergy of expertise is brought to you by Aplix CDC thanks to its dynamic, proactive team that work with great care and attention to detail

Focusing On..

A sustainable approach to woodworking.

Our vision of working is part of a sustainable approach that ensures the use of environmentally friendly materials such as wood fibres to insulate your home with.

We are also keen on recycling existing materials and make a special point of restoring and reusing old wood as well as reworking old frameworks for your projects. We are here to listen to your needs and present you with the home of your dreams that is tailored to your lifestyle and in keeping with nature and the landscape.

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Focusing On …

Offering you professional support with your project.

At every step in a project, including the design and cost calculation stages, it is necessary to consult architects, engineering and design teams, construction economists and project managers. Thankfully, we have all these contacts in Haute-Savoie and thereby take advantage of the collective expertise to successfully complete your projects.

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