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Alpix CDC, combining proficiency and expertise.

At Alpix CDC, we put people at the heart of our vision. Wood is a living material that has been worked by people and for people over thousands of years. Although the techniques are evolving in accordance with modern times, we still have an unwavering passion for wood in our 1200m² structure.

  • The core of our expertise is based on plumbing, carpentry, and joinery. These 3 separate yet complementary trades are applied to our wood cabin construction projects using techniques that have been mastered by our teams for years. The workmanship of the buildings also showcases our teams’ proven expertise.

Our little extra: We have a new vision for completing your chalet construction project. We are also pioneers in installing modules and roof compartments and use a highly efficient and innovative installation technique that is faster than conventional methods and gives your building a stronger framework and roofing.


Cabins and People.

  • At Alpix CDC, all our craftspeople are highly skilled in what they do. The genuine human side of our team comprising fifteen employees is greatly valued by our clients.
  • Carpenters, joiners, roofers, and plumbers: all our craftspeople love what they do and love working together; they create a wonderful synergy to ensure that your projects succeed every time.
We are masters of applying standing seams to roofing, ideal for mountainous climates

75% of our team have been trained by the prestigious Compagnons du Devoir..
Combined competencies developed throughout the years.

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Constantly Evolving to bring you an even better service.



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